Leebotree Raspberry Pi Black Case with 3 Pcs Aluminum Heatsinks

Black case with 3 Pcs Aluminum Heatsinks for Raspberry pi B+ & Raspberry pi2 model B - Access to All Ports

  • Product Specification

    Compatible Raspberry Pi B+ & Raspberry Pi 2 mode B
    Material ABS
    Package include 1×Black case & 3×Aluminum Heatsinks
    Case Dimensions 3.5×2.8×1 inches
    Heatsink Dimensions 0.56×0.56 inches(1 piece) / 0.35×0.35 inches(2 pieces)
    Weight 2.4 ounces
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  • Product Details
  • Injection-moulded ABS enclosure

    The case is a two-piece injection-moulded ABS enclosure that snaps together around the Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. It provides the best available protection/accessibility for the Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

    Adhesive thermal tape backing

    The heatsinks have a layer of thermal adhesive that allow for easy installation on to your board. They can reduce the risk of hardware failure due to overheating.

    Access to All Ports

    Full access to USB, ethernet and side ports. Raspberry Pi not included.


    Compatible: Raspberry Pi B+ & Raspberry Pi 2 mode B

    Material: ABS

    Case Deminsions: 3.5×2.8×1 inches

    Heatsink Deminsions: 0.56×0.56 inches(1 piece) / 0.35×0.35 inches(2 pieces)

    Weight: 2.4 ounces

    In the Box

    1 x Black Case

    3 x Aluminum Heatsinks

  • Q1.  Can I use USB cables othan than those provided with my leebotree external battery?
    To ensure complete safety and best performance, we strongly recommend using your device's original cable, a third-party certified cable (such as MFI) or our included cable.
    Q2.  Does it work with the new iPhone 5s, 5c?
    Yes. But the Apple connector is not included. Please use your device's original cable.
    Q3.  leebotree external batteries' efficiency.
    ALL external batteries lose power due to voltage conversion and circuit resistance.

    Approximately 20% of Astro 2nd Generation external battery's total capacity is consumed, including power lost from circuit heat and voltage conversion within the external battery (approximately 6%) and the charging cable and your device (approximately 14%). This efficiency rate is 15% higher than the industry average of 35%.

    Older Astro batteries have lose approximately 30%.

    According to industrial standards, all external batteries are labeled based on their raw cells capacity not efficiency. Like others, we are following this standard.
    Q4.  How long will the battery lasts while not in use?
    Generally, most of our external batteries' static power consumption is lower than 100uA, which will take between 3.5 and 20 years to drain the battery completely.

    However, the chemicals within the li-ion battery will gradually become less active over prolonged periods without use. Most will die in 2 years of inactivity.

    To extend your battery's life:
    1. Charge and recharge it at least once every 3-4 months.
    2. Do not over-charge or over-discharge it. It is best to keep it charged between 5%-95%.
    Q5.  Can leebotree external batteries be used for international travel?
    Yes. Be sure the USB adapter you bring with is compatible with the voltage of the country you will be traveling to. An adapter's voltage input is usually printed on the adapter.
    Q6.  Can external batteries be taken on board airplanes?
    Yes, all leebotree external batteries can legally and safely be taken on board airplanes. Here are the relevant requirements:

    Quoted from Federal transportation security rules (Effective January 1, 2008):
    Lithium ion batteries (a.k.a.: rechargeable lithium, lithium polymer, LIPO, secondary lithium).
    -Passengers may carry consumer-sized lithium ion batteries [no more than 8 grams of equivalent lithium content or 100 watt hours (wh) per battery]. This size covers AA, AAA, 9-volt, cell phone, PDA, camera, camcorder, Gameboy, and standard laptop computer batteries.
    -Passengers can also bring two (2) larger lithium ion batteries (more than 8 grams, up to 25 grams of equivalent lithium content per battery) in their carry-on. This size covers larger extended-life laptop batteries. Most consumer lithium ion batteries are below this size.

    leebotree's largest external battery is currently the leebotree Pro 20000mAh (74 wh) which is lower than the above 100 wh limit.
    Q7.  What can I do if I lose the provided accessories?
    Please check to see if you have extras or contact us via email at support@leebotree.com for help.
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